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Lab Overview

Basic Science

Our lab addresses fundamental and translational questions in immunology.

The fundamental focus of the lab blends our interests in mechanobiology (how cells make and sense mechanical forces) and regulation of the immune system in autoimmunity, cancer, and infection.

The clinical and translational focus is on understanding the basis of rare diseases of the immune system. We are also developing diagnostic technologies for low-cost monitoring of immune health and improving the diagnosis of food allergies.


Cellular Immunology

Understanding how mechanical forces and cytoskeletal controls influence immune responses

We study the interactions of immune cells with one another and with the extracellular matrix around them.
The ultimate aim of our laboratory is to manipulate T cell signaling pathways to control immunologically-mediated diseases.

We have pioneered the use of biological Atomic Force Microscopy for measuring and manipulating immune cells.


Rare Immune Diseases

Understanding the causes of primary immunodeficiencies

We believe that understanding the genetic, molecular, and cellular underpinnings of immune diseases offers the opportunity to develop targeted therapies. The lessons we learn from patients with primary immunodeficiencies extends our knowledge of the infections, autoimmune diseases, and cancers that affect all people.


Contact Us

Manish's Office

UCLA Department of Pediatrics
10833 Le Conte Ave
Marion Davies Children's Center (MDCC) Building, Room 12-430
Los Angeles, CA 90095
office: 310.825.0775
fax: 424.322.1923
metered parking: MDCC Parking Lot

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The Lab

The lab is located in the CHS Building, 4th floor, room 46-100.
metered parking: Parking Structure 18

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