The Lab

Principal investigator

Manish Butte, MD PhD
E. Richard Stiehm Endowed Chair, Professor, and Division Chief, Department of Pediatrics
Office: MDCC 12-430
UCLA Profile
MIMG profile


Tim Thauland, PhD
Project Scientist
Mahdi Hasani, PhD
Project Scientist (collaboration with Song Li Lab)
Jennifer Aron, MD
Project Scientist
Alexis Stephens, BS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Humza Khan
Scientific Research Associate
Michael Trump
Scientific Research Associate

Post-doctoral fellows

Terrie Ahn, MD
Clinical Fellow in Allergy & Immunology
Utku Acar, MD
Clinical Fellow in Allergy & Immunology

Graduate students

Matthew Miller
5th year
PhD program in Immunology (IMMP)
Eta Atolia
4th year
MD/PhD Program (MSTP)

Undergraduate students

Matthew Crowe
UCLA Undergraduate student
Rohit Srinivas
UCLA Undergraduate student


Valentina Alonso

PhD Program in Immunology (IMMP) 2020-2022
Negin Majedi, PhD
PhD in Bioengineering & UCLA (2016-2021)
Post-doctoral Fellow (2021)
Currently, Co-Founder and CEO at Symphony Biosciences
Chanti Bun
Scientific Research Associate (2017-2021)
Christopher Luthers
Rotation Student Winter 2020-21
PhD Program in Immunology (IMMP)
Currently, Don Kohn's lab (UCLA)
Kevin Meng
PhD in Microbiology & Immunology at Stanford (2014-2019)
Currently, Scientist at Kite Pharma (Gaithersburg, MD)
Andrew Kalra
UCLA Undergraduate student
Currently, Research Technician Johns Hopkins University
Naveed Zaman
UCLA Undergraduate student
Mana Sheykhsoltan
UCLA Undergraduate student (2018-2020)
Currently, MD student, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Emily Yang
1st year
PhD program in IMMP, Rotation (2017)
Ken Hu, PhD
PhD in Biophysics at Stanford (2013-2017)

Currently, Post-doctoral fellow, Krummel Lab, UCSF

Sara Kleinman, MD
Clinical Fellow, Allergy and Immunology (

Currently, Assistant Professor, Stanford Pediatrics, Allergy & Immunology

Irina Gurevich, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow, 2015-2017

Currently, Post-doctoral fellow, Stanford University

Ilan Bocian
Summer High School intern 2017 and 2018
Ian Perrone
PhD program in IMMP (Rotation Student) 2017
Jeff Choi
4th year
MD program, Med Scholar in the lab 2016-2017

Currently, Resident in Surgery, Stanford University

Bryan Xie
PhD program in Immunology (Stanford), 2016 in the lab
Currently, Scientist at 3T Biosciences

Marc A. Bruce, PhD
PhD in Immunology, 2009-2014

Currently CEO and Co-Founder, Microvolution LLC


Andrew Wang, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow 2012-2014
Currently at Western Digital

Anuj Patel
Stanford 2016

Currently, McKinsey

Yoseph Semma
Stanford 2016

Currently, Medical Student, U Wisconsin


Kelvin Yang
Summer High School Student (SIMR 2016)

Currently, Undergraduate Student, Brown University

Julia McKechnie
1st year (rotation student) 2016
PhD program in Immunology
James Harden
1st year (rotation student) 2016
PhD program in Immunology
Amy Liu
Undergraduate researcher (2014-15)
Summer Intern, SIMR (2013), 2014

Lynée Turek-Hankins
Undergraduate researcher 2015
Adi de la Zerda, PhD
PhD in Materials Science & Engineering, 2017

Bhavani Sanagavarapu
Summer High School Student (SIMR 2014)
Currently: Undergraduate, UC Berkeley


Jianwei Liu, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow, 2010-2012
Currently, Associate Professor, Fudan University

nick Nicholas Bayless
PhD Rotation Student, Immunology, 2013
nick Thomas Keller
PhD Rotation Student, Immunology, 2013

Dara Strauss-Albee, PhD
PhD Rotation Student, 2012
Immunology Program
Currently: Data Scientist, Stripe


Sarah Denny
PhD Rotation Student, 2012
Biophysics Program

Currently, Post-doc at Caltech

keegan Keegan Mendonca
Summer Intern 2012 (Lynbrook High School)
Currently: Manager at Meta
priyal Priyal Fadadu
Summer Intern, 2010, 2012
Univesity of Califorina, Los Angeles
Currently: MD Candidate at Mayo Medical School
rohit Rohit Dasgupta
Summer Intern, 2011 (Johns Hopkins)
isaac Isaac Ghansah
Summer Intern, 2011 (Stanford)
Currently: Case Western Medical School
claudia Claudia Mariella Lavarreda Pearce
Summer Intern, 2010 (University of California, Santa Cruz)
ghezal  Ghezal (Omar) Beliakoff, MS
Lab Manager/Fashion Consultant, 2009-2011

Dan Garcia, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow, 2010-2011
Currently: Residency at Columbia

catherine  Catherine Le
Undergraduate Student, 2009-2010
Currently: MD/PhD Candidate at UC Davis School of Medicine

Kate Montgomery, PhD
Bioengineering Graduate Student, 2009
Currently: Zebra Medical Technologies

Lab Life and Events


Lab gathering at Manish's house
May 2021
First gathering at Barne
April 2021
Waiting for COVID to end!
March 2021


Sweet smile from Thyme
Oct 2020
The lab begins COVID-19 antibody testing
April 2020


Saying goodbye to Kevin
Sep 2019
Lab retreat 2019 at Big Bear Lake
Mar 2019
Who is going to bet against Tim?
Mar 2019
Something old, something new
Mar 2019
Negin made fresh baked pizzas
Mar 2019
We will someday get a photo of Chanti
Mar 2019
Manish doesn't bluff
Mar 2019


Anya, Matt, and Humza
Dec 2018
56 people were there!
Dec 2018
A dinner to celebrate Jen's engagement
Apr 2018



Kelvin Yang
SIMR Poster session
Aug 2016
Lab ski trip with Bollyky Lab
Crystal Bay, NV
March 12, 2016
Lab ski trip with Bollyky Lab
Crystal Bay, NV
March 12, 2016


Tim, Ken, and Manish on the waterfront
New Orleans, LA
May 11, 2015
Manish presenting at the Pediatrics Department Research Retreat
Apr 17, 2015
Adi showing off her poster at the Pediatrics Retreat
Apr 17, 2015
Ken builds a ramp for sledding
Butte - Bollyky lab trip 2015
Incline Village, NV
Mar 23, 2015
Ken and Jolien on the beach
Butte - Bollyky lab trip 2015
Mar 23, 2015
Manish resting after a long (?) hike.
Butte - Bollyky lab trip 2015
Mar 23, 2015
Lab hangout
Butte - Bollyky lab trip 2015
Sep 12, 2014
Manish and Paul
Butte - Bollyky lab trip 2015
Sep 12, 2014


Butte lab and Bollyky lab first annual Tahoe trip
Mar 15, 2014
Paul and Manish
Mar 15, 2014
Andrew and Vivek
Mar 15, 2014
Ken sets his crayfish traps.
Mar 15, 2014
Asilomar arm wrestling. Ken wins.
Sep 12, 2014
Laser quest, Mountain View. Butte lab vs Bollyky lab
Oct 21, 2014
Laser quest
Oct 21, 2014



Lunch with Keegan Mendonca at the end of summer
Aug 6, 2012